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Malcolm In The Middle Addicts' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Malcolm In The Middle Addicts

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NBC LAS [02 Sep 2010|07:37pm]

ALL pairings welcome!

Do You Like To Write?

Like to write? Love any of the shows on the NBC Network? Great! There is a new challenge, called nbc_las, where you write a fanfic of at least 100 words every two weeks based on a different prompt. Then they get voted on and the person with the least votes is out that week and the person with the most is safe next week. Till you have one author standing who wins! What do you win? A snazzy graphic and a $10 GC to Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You don't even need to be a GREAT writer!

... who will come out on top?
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Frankie! [14 Jul 2010|06:08pm]


I was lucky enough to participate in the MTV Movie Awards Gift Suite this year and I'm so excited about this pic! Its Frankie Muniz from "Malcolm in the Middle" with my Robo Smash hoodie!! I've been a big fan of Frankie's so I'm ecstatic that he liked my hoodie! I hope you guys like it too!
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Screencaps [05 Dec 2009|01:38pm]

Hey everyone (:
I'm looking for some good malcolm in the middle screencaps.
I <3 it and I want to make some icons! but I just can't find any screencaps =/

Any help is much appreciated!
Malcolm fan?

[01 Aug 2008|08:48pm]

So, I'm a little nervous about posting here--given, well, what I'm asking. ^^

I love Malcolm in the Middle like wow. D: But it's not possible for me to be at home when it airs anymore, and my DVR is steadily rejecting the mere idea of trying to save any more MitM episodes. If they were out on DVD, I would lap them up. I have the first season, and adore it, but I honestly cannot explain how much I'm pining for 2-7.

So. D: Does anyone know if the complete series (or 2-7) is available for purchase? A while back I bought the remaining DVD-less seasons of Boy Meets World, and love my copy. I'm not for doing things on the not-so-up-and-up like this, but I'm really left with no other choice given the unavailability. *is making excuses*

Help? ;;
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[30 Jun 2008|06:56pm]


[18] Malcolm in the middle




Plase tell Lois if you used it :33

(the other icons)

Malcolm fan?

Hello! [26 Apr 2008|11:10am]

[ mood | tired ]

So i'm a newbie here, I just got into this show a few months ago. Don't ask what took me so long lol I don't know, but now it is definitely one of my favorite shows ever.
I was wondering though, I see there are some here, but are there malcolm icons anywhere else?

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Screen Caps Anyone? [23 Jul 2007|08:10pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Hello all.

I have a challenge to make 50 icons of Dewey and I can't find very many screen caps. I saw some other icons on here, and was wondering if anyone could point me toward some caps. It would be mighty nice of you.


Malcolm fan?

question [13 Jul 2007|11:08pm]

Hey, just joined. I used to watch this show when it came on before the x-files. Now I watch it again late night. Anyway, I noticed that episodes from around 2003 have baby Jamie in them but sometimes in episodes from 2006 he'll just be absent. Why is this? I imagine it's pretty difficult to write out a baby.
Malcolm fan?

[05 Jun 2007|07:35pm]

i just recently caught an episode of MITM where Reece's skin starts peeling from a sunburn and he tries to peel it all off in one piece. he even names it. then the mom vacuums it up accidentally. i almost peed myself.

does anyone know the name of this episode and what season it was in? i don't get to watch much tv so i'd love to rent this one again to watch the whole episode.

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Icons [01 Jan 2007|11:44pm]


01-07 : 15/Love & cast
08-23 : Angel
24-30 : SpongeBob SquarePants
31-53 :Buffy
54-70:Grey's Anatomy
71-75 : Jensen Ackles
76-78 : Jackass the Movie
79-88 : Kingdom Hearts
89-92 : My Chemical Romance
93-101 : Malcolm in the Middle
102-109 : Panic! at the Disco
110-113 : Prison Break
114-148 : Roswell
149-155 : Supernatural
156-158 : Sarah Wayne Callies
159-206 : Veronica Mars

Teasers :

( alienation here )
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selling the entire series on dvd [28 Dec 2006|01:58pm]

Hey Guys,

Unfortunately, I need tuition money for college, so I'm selling my entire series of Malcolm in the Middle on dvd. The dvd's are not official, as official sets do not exist for seasons 2-7. I bought the series online and everything works.

The only thing is that in some episodes (about half) the sound is approximately 2 seconds out of sync with the picture. Other than that, they're perfect. The quality is about that of what you would see when they were broadcast, and the series is split up into 7 discs (one season on each disc).

Usually sets like this sell for about $160, but I'm willing to sell it to whoever makes the best offer. I accept personal checks, but the best method of payment would be paypal. Feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks!
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Icons! [04 Oct 2006|09:48am]

Read more... )

01-24 Anne Frank, The Whole Story
25-42 Grey's Anatomy 2x27, 3x01 and 3x02
43-51 Malcolm In The Middle (Random episodes)
52-54 BTVS Story Teller
55-65 Freaks And Geeks Pilot
66-66 Header Veronica Mars
67-67 Header Lindsay Lohan
68-68 Header MKA
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[08 Jul 2006|12:01pm]

i was wondering two things

1) what is the song that is played at the very end of the series finale (it is also played at the end of the pilot episode)
2) have they put out any other seasons on dvd besides season 1??
Malcolm fan?

Krelboyne Picnin [01 Jul 2006|02:58pm]

I was wondering if it was at all possible if anyone could upload the episode "Krelboyne Picnic" for me please, I would be eternally grateful. ^^
1 fan| Malcolm fan?

[18 May 2006|10:07pm]

i can't believe this show had their series finale last sunday! it was so unique and creative. im gunna miss it <3
4 fans| Malcolm fan?

We need more like this show! [29 Apr 2006|03:30pm]

This show was such a groundbreaker when it first came out, it's amazing how long it lasted!

I'm working on this school project to develop a television series and I really want to create something in the vein of MitM to keep the idea going. But I need your help, because you are my target audience.

I created this quick little survey over at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=112832073566. No hidden agendas, just looking for your insight to back up my claim that I am going after the right audience.

Malcolm fan?

Frankie Muniz Community. [17 Feb 2006|11:51am]

Hey guys, I was wondering if there is a Frankie Muniz community on here. And if there isn't, then do we need one?

I'm so surprised that MITM is coming to a close! (Yeah old news!). It's sad :( because it's so great. The new episodes are just getting better and better, so I suppose they want to leave on a high.

How is everyone?

Edit// Community is up: Here. Please join! Thank you!
6 fans| Malcolm fan?

[21 Dec 2005|06:13pm]

Is there anything new going on?
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