Travis (lechuza1386) wrote in mitm_addicts,

selling the entire series on dvd

Hey Guys,

Unfortunately, I need tuition money for college, so I'm selling my entire series of Malcolm in the Middle on dvd. The dvd's are not official, as official sets do not exist for seasons 2-7. I bought the series online and everything works.

The only thing is that in some episodes (about half) the sound is approximately 2 seconds out of sync with the picture. Other than that, they're perfect. The quality is about that of what you would see when they were broadcast, and the series is split up into 7 discs (one season on each disc).

Usually sets like this sell for about $160, but I'm willing to sell it to whoever makes the best offer. I accept personal checks, but the best method of payment would be paypal. Feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks!
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