captain planet (fopperies) wrote in mitm_addicts,
captain planet

So, I'm a little nervous about posting here--given, well, what I'm asking. ^^

I love Malcolm in the Middle like wow. D: But it's not possible for me to be at home when it airs anymore, and my DVR is steadily rejecting the mere idea of trying to save any more MitM episodes. If they were out on DVD, I would lap them up. I have the first season, and adore it, but I honestly cannot explain how much I'm pining for 2-7.

So. D: Does anyone know if the complete series (or 2-7) is available for purchase? A while back I bought the remaining DVD-less seasons of Boy Meets World, and love my copy. I'm not for doing things on the not-so-up-and-up like this, but I'm really left with no other choice given the unavailability. *is making excuses*

Help? ;;
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